1. Question: When I “honor” a student or family with my recurring gift, will the amount of my donation help to pay that specific student or family tuition?

Answer: No. The IRS allows deductions for the charitable purposes of the school, but not for educational needs of a specific student or family. Your gift will be in “honor” and will in fact benefit the them by helping Libertas accomplish its vision. The student or family will know they have been honored by you (unless you elect to remain anonymous) and we look forward to how the Lord will lead in their response and the relationship between the two of you as a result of your generosity.

2. Question: When I “honor” a teacher with my recurring gift, will the amount of my donation be received by that specific teacher?

Answer: Yes. The IRS allows deductions for the charitable purpose of the school and the specific teacher as long as the school has full control over the donated funds and the discretion as to their use, so as to insure that they will be used to carry out the mission of the school. Libertas Christian School recognizes the stewardship responsibility we have with our teachers and your gift is an important part of the strategy to compensate our teachers in an amount equal to or greater than their peers in other educational settings. Your gift will truly bless, honor, and help meet their material needs.

3. Question: When I “honor” a program, activity, or specific event with my recurring gift, will the amount of my donation be used only for that specific purpose?

Answer: No. Your gift will help to make that program, activity, or specific event possible by supporting our general budget which includes those things. Your gift will be acknowledged as honoring those things and making them possible and is a vital part of the vision of the school. The IRS does allow you to make a “restricted” gift for a specific purpose to the school and we welcome those! Please contact Wendy Schultz, Community Director at 616-635-1361 to make your interest known.

4. Question: Are fees charged if I give by credit card and eCheck?

Answer: Yes and No. Yes for credit cards and no for eCheck. All credit card companies charge a fee. It is a fee happily incurred by Libertas Christian School because it eliminates the expense we incur when we physically handle a gift. Things such as: opening mail; journaling accounting entries; creating a receipt; paying postage; handling mail a second time; etc. Through the credit card company and the wonders of technology, we improve accuracy, and reduce handling expense. There is no fee for eCheck and it offers all of the benefits of a credit card transaction.

5. Question: How do I know the website is secure and my credit card information is protected?

Answer: When you are entering and sending online giving information you are using secure servers.  All of your information is encrypted prior to being transferred.  There is no stronger form of protection than encryption.  You should also know that no staff at Libertas Christian School will have access to your account numbers.


Click here or call 616-635-1361 to contact Wendy Schultz, Libertas Community Director, to ask more questions.